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This guide will walk you through the steps to create a new workspace and manage existing ones, ensuring your team’s efficiency and organization.

Creating a New Workspace

Creating a workspace in Chat Breezes is a straightforward process designed to enhance your organizational structure right from the start. 

Here’s how you can build a new workspace:

1. Input the Workspace Name

Begin by entering the name of your workspace. This is a required field, as it helps in identifying and organizing your workspaces effectively.

2. Logo Addition (Optional)

Adding a logo to your workspace is entirely optional. You have the freedom to either upload a logo during the creation process, choose not to add one, or decide to add it later. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the workspace to meet your visual branding needs at any time.

3. Invite Team Members (Can Be Deferred)

The next step allows you to invite team members to your new workspace. Collaborating with your team from the start can enhance productivity, but if you prefer to set up your team structure later, this step can be skipped. You can always invite members at a later time through Settings > Teams

Managing an Existing Workspace

Adjusting to the changing needs of your organization or project is seamless with Chat Breezes. Here’s how you can manage and update your existing workspaces:

1. Access Workspace Settings: 

To modify an existing workspace, head over to Settings > Workspace via the side navigation menu. This area lists all your workspaces.

2. Edit Workspace Details: 

Locate the workspace you wish to edit and click on the "edit" option next to it. 

In this section, you can change the workspace's name and, if you choose, update or add a logo to better reflect your current branding or organizational changes.

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