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Our platform offers flexible user role management through the Settings > Roles & Teams section. Here's how you can navigate this feature to add or revoke users, and manage their roles within your workspace. 

Navigating to Roles & Teams

Access the Roles & Teams management page by heading over to Settings > Roles & Teams via the side navigation menu. This section provides you with the tools to:

  • Add a new user.
  • Revoke an existing user’s access.

Understanding User Roles

Chat Breezes defines three main user roles, each with distinct access levels to workspaces:

  • Admin
  • Owner
  • Moderator
The following table outlines the key permissions associated with each role:

Adding New Users

There are two ways to add users to your workspace:

Method 1: If you've decided on the specific role(s) (admin/owner/moderator) for the new users, click the "Invite" button beside each role, and input the member's name and email address.

Method 2: Alternatively, use the "Invite team member" button for a more general addition:

  • Step 1: Choose the workspace you want members to join.
  • Step 2: Select their roles (owner or moderator).

Invited users will appear in the "Teams" list with a waiting status until they accept the invitation.

Revoking an Existing User

To remove a user’s access to your Workspace, simply press the delete button next to their name in the user management section. 

This action revokes their access immediately, ensuring that only current and relevant members have access to your workspace.

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