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This guide will explore the methods available for linking channels to your workspace and how to manage them effectively once they're connected.

Connecting Channels to Your Workspace

To ensure your workspace is fully integrated with your social media and eCommerce platforms, Chat Breezes offers two straightforward methods for connection:

1. Directly Through the Workspace:

  • Open the workspace you wish to connect channels to.
  • Navigate to the channel module within this workspace.
  • Click on the "connect" button to initiate the linking process for your social profiles or stores.

2. Via Settings:

  • Access 'Settings' from the side navigation menu.
  • Select "Workspace" and identify the workspace you want to connect a profile to.
  • Click the "connect a profile" button located beside the specific workspace to begin the connection process.

These methods provide flexibility in how you choose to integrate your channels, allowing for a tailored approach that suits your workflow best.

Managing Connected Channels

Once your channels are connected to a workspace, managing them becomes crucial for maintaining an organized digital presence. Here's how you can manage your existing channels:

  • Navigate to the channel module of the specific workspace you're managing.
  • Here, you'll find options to add a description, reconnect, or delete each connected social profile or store.
  • Use the "tag," "reconnect," or "delete" buttons beside each channel to perform the desired action.

This centralized approach to channel management within each workspace ensures that you can easily customize, update, or remove channels as your business and marketing strategies evolve.

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