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In today’s fast-paced digital environment, managing multiple social profiles for different brands, companies, or teams can quickly become overwhelming. 

Recognizing this challenge, Chat Breezes introduces the Workspace feature, designed to declutter your social media management by allowing you to segregate social profiles, teams, and stores efficiently.

Create New Workspace

Chat Breezes makes it simple to add Workspaces through two convenient methods, ensuring you can start organizing your accounts with just a few clicks:

1. Via the "Add" Button: Located on the side navigation menu, the "Add" button provides direct access to create a new Workspace effortlessly.

2. Through Settings: Navigate to Settings > Workspace from the side navigation menu to manage existing Workspaces or create new ones.

Understanding Workspaces

A Workspace in Chat Breezes serves as an independent sub-section within your Organization's account, complete with its own database, users, channels, and more. This separation ensures that each Workspace operates autonomously, providing a focused environment for each brand, company, or team you manage. Within a Workspace, you have the ability to:

  • Connect to Social Media and Messaging Channels: Link your Workspace to various social media platforms and messaging channels to centralize your communications.
  • Manage Users and Teams: Tailor access and roles within the Workspace to streamline collaboration and ensure that team members have the appropriate permissions.
  • Manage Contacts: Keep your contacts organized within each Workspace, making it easier to maintain relationships and communication histories.
  • Set Up Automation: Utilize automation to enhance efficiency within each Workspace, automating routine tasks and responses.

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