Mastering Productivity: Achieving "Unprocessed" Folder Zero with the "Mark as Done" Feature


Last Update 1 個月前

Are you often overwhelmed by a sea of conversations, making it challenging to distinguish between those you've addressed and those that still need your attention? 

Fear not! Let's delve into the game-changing "Mark as Done" feature that can revolutionize how you manage your workload.

Mark as Done: A Productivity Power Move

In the hustle and bustle of managing multiple conversations, it's common to lose track of which interactions have been successfully concluded. 

The "Mark as Done" feature is here to rescue you from the chaos. It's more than just a button; it's a productivity power move.

How to "Mark as Done" with a Lead:

1. On Message Cards:

  • Locate the "Mark as Done" button situated at the bottom right of a message card.
  • A single click on this button instantly marks the associated activity as done, providing a visual cue of completion.

2. In Chat History:

  • Click on the "Mark as Done" under the particular piece of conversation

3. Mark As Done in Bulk
  • Click "Multi-select" to choose the conversations in bulk
  • Select "Mark as done" 

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