How to Acknowledge Every Message from Customers and Potential Clients On Social Media


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Have you ever experienced reaching out to a brand, only to be met with silence? 

The uncertainty of whether your message will be acknowledged can leave you feeling unheard and frustrated. 

Imagine the impact this can have on your customers or potential clients when they message you and receive no response.

Fear not! Let Chat Breezes' automation feature come to your rescue.

How It Works:

1. Choose the Social Profiles

Select the connected social profiles you want to apply auto-confirmation to. 

2. Choose the Message Type

Select the type of message you want to apply auto-confirmation to. 

For instance, if someone reaches out via DM, you can ensure they receive an automated confirmation.

3. Select the Action 

In this example, opt for "send direct message" as the action.

4. Craft Your Response

Input a personalized message, assuring your contact that their inquiry has been received, and you will address it within a specified timeframe. 

For example: "Hi XX, thank you for reaching out. We have received your message and will deal with it within 2 workdays."

By implementing this simple automation, your customers and potential clients will receive immediate confirmation that their message has been received, managing their expectations and assuring them that their questions or concerns will be addressed.

Feel the power of improved customer engagement with Chat Breezes' automation feature – because every message deserves a response.

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