How to Conquer Link Overload with "Manual Catalog" Feature

Share Specific Links with Your Customers through Seamless Conversations


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Are you drowning in a sea of product and service links every time a lead or customer inquires about a specific item? 

Fear not! 

Discover the ultimate solution to link overload with Chat Breezes' "Manual Catalog" feature.

Step 1: Navigate to "Channels" and Select "Manual Catalog"

Embark on a journey to streamlined link management by clicking on "Channels" in the top bar and selecting the lifesaving "Manual Catalog."

Step 2: Create Your Custom Store

Click "Create Custom Store" and give your store a name. 

This is where the magic happens:

For example, if you frequently share free giveaways, name your custom store "Free Gifts" and input the corresponding links. 

If your products or services extend beyond Shopify, create a custom store like "Chat Breezes WooCommerce Store" and upload your non-Shopify offerings.

Step 3: Seamless Link Sharing

Now that your custom stores are set up, sharing links becomes a breeze.

  • Usage 1: Send While Reply
    • Click the cart icon in the text inbox
    • Choose the desired store ("Free Gifts" in this example).
    • Select the link and send it through the conversation.
  • Usage 2: Send Through Automation
    • Add an action in the automation settings.
    • Input your text and click the cart icon.
    • Choose the store ("Free Gifts") and select the link for automated sharing.
Say goodbye to link chaos and hello to effortless link management.

With Chat Breezes' Manual Catalog, managing your myriad links has never been more straightforward. 

Elevate your customer interactions by improving your link-sharing game and reclaim control over your overwhelmed inbox.

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