Unveiling the Performance Report Feature

Get a Bird's Eye View of Your Connected Social Profiles


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Ever wondered how your social profiles are performing across various platforms and message types? 

Enter Chat Breezes' Performance Report feature, your window to a comprehensive overview of your connected social profiles' engagement and impact.

1. Filters for Tailored Insights:

  • Date: Handpick a specific time frame to analyze the performance metrics.

  • Connected Social Profiles: By default, all your connected social profiles are selected. However, you have the power to refine your insights by removing profiles you don't want to include. A simple click on the "x" beside the profiles does the trick.

  • Tags: If you've been diligent about tagging conversations, this filter allows you to focus on the performance of conversations associated with specific tags. Don't forget to select your tags for a more targeted analysis.

  • Message Types: Choose the specific message types you want to include in the performance report. The default is set to include all message types, but you can customize this by clicking the "x" or using the dropdown bar.

2. Metrics That Matter:

  • Total Conversations: Understand the overall volume of conversations during the selected period.

  • Date Distribution: Visualize how your conversations are distributed over time.

  • Platform and Message Type Distribution: Gain insights into the distribution of conversations across different platforms and message types.

  • Tag Distribution: Explore how conversations are categorized based on tags.

  • Most Engaged Users: Identify the users who've been actively sending you conversations, all based on your predefined filters.

Unlocking Actionable Insights:

The Performance Report feature isn't just about numbers; it's about extracting actionable insights to enhance your social engagement strategy. 

Whether you're looking to refine your targeting, optimize message types, or prioritize interactions based on tags, the Performance Report feature is your guide to informed decision-making.

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