Utilizing Message Tags in Chat Breezes


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Message tags are a powerful organizational tool in Chat Breezes, allowing you to efficiently categorize and manage your conversations. 

In this article, we'll explore how to make the most of message tags and streamline your workflow.

Manually Tagging Conversations:

There are two primary methods for manually tagging conversations in Chat Breezes:

1. From Message Card

  • Click the tag button and select "Manage Tags."

  • Select the tags you wish to use, and the message will be tagged instantly.

  • Create, delete, or edit tags as needed, and then Close the "Manage Tags" window

2. From Chat History:
    • Click the tag button located below the message.

    • Choose from existing tags or click "Manage Tags" to create new ones.

Automated Tagging:

In addition to manual tagging, Chat Breezes offers automation capabilities for tagging conversations based on specific conditions. 

Here's how to set up automated tagging:

  • Click on the "Automation" module in the top bar of the interface.
  • Define the conditions under which you want conversations to be tagged automatically.
  • Select the desired tag from the available options or create new tags using the "Manage Tags" feature.

    Benefits of Message Tags:

    • Organization: Tags allow you to categorize conversations based on various criteria, making it easier to locate and manage them later.
    • Efficiency: By tagging conversations, you can quickly identify relevant topics, prioritize tasks, and respond promptly to inquiries.
    • Customization: With the ability to create and customize tags, you can tailor your tagging system to suit your specific needs and workflows.

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