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Managing contact information, especially in the dynamic world of social media, can be a challenge. 

Enter Chat Breezes' Contact Module – your robust social CRM solution designed to streamline the process of collecting and organizing valuable customer and potential lead data.

Four Ways to Populate Your Social CRM:

1. Inbound Conversations: Say goodbye to manual data entry. Chat Breezes automatically syncs new contacts as they engage with your inbound conversations.

2. Shopify Contacts: If you're running an online store on Shopify, Chat Breezes seamlessly syncs contacts from your connected stores, ensuring your CRM is always up-to-date.

3. Import Your Contact List: Got an existing contact list? Bring it into Chat Breezes by importing it directly into the CRM.

4. Manual Contact Building: For those unique contacts that fall outside the automatic syncing and importing, Chat Breezes allows you to manually build new entries in your CRM.

Extensive Information at Your Fingertips:

The Chat Breezes CRM goes beyond basic contact details, offering a comprehensive view of each contact:

1. Bio Information: Capture essential details such as first name, last name, company, and title.

2. Contact Info: Keep track of phone numbers and email addresses to facilitate easy communication.

3. Status Insights: Understand the lead source, the last channel where the conversation occurred, the last contact from you, and the last contact from the customer.

4. Purchase History: Gain valuable insights into the purchase behavior of your contacts, including details like the last order item, last order amount, last order date, and last order status URL.

Other Features to Streamline Your Workflow:

1. Search Functionality:  Find specific contacts using the powerful search feature.

2. Download Capability: Need your contacts for other purposes? Chat Breezes allows you to download your contact data, providing flexibility and convenience.

Unlock the Power of Organized Contacts:

With Chat Breezes' Contact Module, managing and utilizing contact information becomes a breeze. 

From understanding your leads' journey to accessing critical purchase history, the CRM empowers you with the insights needed to nurture relationships.

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